District Apostle Ehrich flanked with the three Lead Apostles from Nigeria and Ghana
15 December 2022

The National Youth Convention (NYC) is always a blessing to the youth and a good way to inculcate into them our doctrine and righteous virtues. This year’s NYC in Nigeria was themed “Come in there’s a place for you”. Indeed, there was a place for everyone during the youth day celebration, especially the travelling Ghana contingent who were specially invited.

As with any faith-themed event in the Church, the NYC is focused on building the physical relationships and togetherness of the participants through games, vocational workshops, choir events and other social activities. Most importantly, doctrinal seminars, interactive sessions with Apostles and divine services help to build the spiritual growth of the youth which is the main focus of these Youth Days.

This year’s NYC in Nigeria saw an 11-man visiting delegation from Ghana. The four-day packed program began on Thursday 1st December 2022, with the arrival of all participants from each Apostle area in Nigeria at the Ritman University.

The Friday event saw the District Apostle and his entourage arriving at the venue followed by displays of introduction by each Apostle Working area.

The Saturday activities included cultural displays, a seminar and games which took place at the Ikot Ekpene stadium as well as a Questions & Answers session with our District Apostle. There was also a variety night show with a concert by the mass choir made up of each Apostle working area also featured.

The climax of the NYC happened with a Divine Service with the District Apostle on Sunday, 4th December, 2022. The anchor verse was taken from Colossians 2:6-7 where the District Apostle distinguished “walking in Christ” from “walking with Christ” and emphasized on the need to “walk in Christ” which meant living our lives in accordance with the gospel.

All participants enjoyed a fulfilling convention at both physical and spiritual levels. The Ghanaian delegation returned to Ghana on Wednesday 7th December, 2022, with never to be forgotten moments etched on their minds.