Sister Efia (left) with Sister Pat in a happy mood together
18 December 2022

After an exciting trip to Nigeria for the NYC, some members of the Ghanaian delegation offered to share their thoughts on the experience.
Distict Rector Isaac and Sister Efia were interviewed by NAC website reporter, Frank Omari, who was also on the trip.

What impressed you most about NYC-Nigeria?
Sister Efia:
Their rich cultural display during the event.

District Rector Isaac: Let me first of all congratulate our Nigerian brothers for putting up a splendid conference. I was impressed with how well the convention was planned and perfectly executed. Also the cultural display which was tailored to the theme of the convention.

What do you make of the Church in Nigeria and their youth?
Sister Efia:
Though Nigerians seem many different tribes, the Nigerian church and youth are very well united and fellowship together as one.

District Rector Isaac: Looking at how vibrant, energetic and the enthusiasm with which the youth of the church conducted themselves, I can say that the church has a very bright future.

What lessons can be drawn from the Convention?
Sister Efia:
Every youth in the church played a role. Everyone was involved in the activities, unlike in Ghana where a few people did everything in Church. We should learn from them and engage every youth in our activities.

District Rector Isaac: The unity in the church is so visible and we need to learn that. Also, this shows that the youth wing is very important and that more attention should be given to the youth. There should also be delegation of duties to ensure that all members in play a role in church activities. Lastly the souvenirs that were distributed will help to keep memories of the beautiful event; I therefore suggest that the Church in Ghana adopt the sharing of souvenirs for future events.

How can we improve NYC?
Sister Efia:
Adopt and promote the distribution of souvenirs for such programs.

District rector Isaac: We should increase the duration of such programs to perhaps 4 days at least. Also we should look at the feeding of participants; we should change or improve the methods to ensure there are no delays as was done in NYC-Nigeria.

Your last words...any advice?
Sister Efia:
The Youth in Ghana should come together as one.

District Rector Isaac: No please. I think I have said it all.