National Heads of Seminars
21 December 2022

From 9th -12th December 2022, all National Heads of Seminars in West Africa, held a final meeting for the year 2022 in Accra. It also served as a farewell meeting. District Elder Wolfgang Oehler (rtd) who had led Seminar works in West Africa for years finally took a bow, along with his assistant, District Elder Dinkelacker. Apostle Martin Rheinberger was introduced as the replacement for retired District Elder Wolfgang Oehler (rtd). He would now lead a new team in Apostle Kpegasin (Nigeria) and District Elder Heim.

Most of the Heads of Seminars arrived in Accra in the evening of 8th December 2022. The joyful expression on their faces meant they were fully ready and dedicated for the agenda ahead. At 9am, December 9 2022, all was set at the Apostle Schilling Conference Hall at Osu, Accra; the Head office of the New Apostolic Church in Ghana.

Apostle Martin Rheinberger was introduced as the replacement for retired District Elder Wolfgang Oehler (the "Maestro"). The outgoing Seminar Head promised to have his ears on the ground and also be ever ready to assist and guide anyone who requires his help. To the surprise of the ministers, District Elder Dinkelacker, who assisted Wolfgang, was also due for retirement and would not be part of the group’s activities going forward.

Apostle Rheinberger will now team up with Apostle Kpegasin of Nigeria and District Elder Heim for the coordination and direction of seminars in the West African sub region - the New Seminar Supervision Team.  All the members of the NHS in West Africa were present.

A message from our District Apostle for the NHS was displayed on the screen, to encourage and also remind all of the tasks ahead. 

The agenda for the meeting was then set. Topics to be treated included:

  • Status of Sunday School/Confirmation;
  • Inactive Congregations;
  • Seminar Status, Planning and Controlling;
  • Implementation of spiritual education in Confirmation Lessons and Sunday School. Graphical presentations of activities in the subregion were extensively discussed. A new book, which is a combination of the four books previously in use, was unveiled and was accepted by all.
  • Doctrine development transfer: Humility (Here group work and presentations brought deeper understanding of the topic)
  • Also discussed, was Inactive Congregations in West Africa.
  • Overcoming Conflict, and other topics slated for the day were also addressed.

The two Lead Apostles for Ghana, Samuel Oppong-Brenya and Benjamin Ohene-Saffo were also present.