22 December 2022

The 10th of December 2022 was another hectic day for the seminar leaders in West Africa. The leaders wore costumes and acted a number of role plays as part of the seminar activities. There was also a changing of guard as new leaders took over from outgoing ones.

After the opening prayer by Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo, the participants took time to recap the previous day’s topics, which included:

  • active Congregations
  • How to use the booklet - “Come Lord Jesus”
  • The “5+10” Commandments
  • Concept of Ministry / Ordination of women and men

Role plays
With costumes supplied by the curtesy of Apostle Asare, role plays then took the centre stage - every group performed creditably to the surprise and admiration of all, such as the role play based on Matthew 23:11. The core message of that role play was "Humility". It was a role play about a very pompous king who later became humble.

The Head of Seminars in Cote d'Ivoire, Apostle Firmin Zran, announced his retirement as the head of the Ivorian team which had been very regular in Ghana and also on the ZOOM Webinars.  He was happy to introduce District Elder Bouo who had been his deputy for a long time as his replacement.

The “Maestro”, who could be reached 24/7; a “a doyen” who simplified and made things easy for all seminar tutors; a musician who loved to carry choirmasters' problems on his shoulders - the retired District Elder Wolfgang Oehler,  finally bowed out of all seminar activities in the sub-region.

He was decorated as "Egwee" - meaning King in Nigerian language. The significance of the decoration was that he will still be a reference contact for the Heads of Seminars for a long time to come. With joy, Wolfgang accepted his new place and promised to be in contact with all and wholeheartedly assist the new Heads, Apostles Martin Rheinberger and Kpegasin.

Three brothers were assigned to thank Wolfgang for all that he has done for the entire sub-region of West Africa in French, Portuguese and English. 

Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo concluded by thanking the new "Egwee" for the support he has given to all the countries in West Africa. He concluded that indeed "Egwee" Wolfgang is workaholic in nature that is why he was able to achieve that feat.