“We are the light of the world”
4 January 2023

One important event on the calendar of many Christians is the celebration of Christmas; a commemorative feast of the birth of the Saviour – Jesus Christ. Christians in diverse ways exhibit how valuable this feast is to their very existence. On 25th December, 2022, Shepherd Eric Donkor conducted the 2022 Christmas Divine service at the Nkawkaw Central Church. One hundred and fifty-one members were in attendance.

The bible word was taken from John 1:9, “That was the true light which gives light to every man coming into the world”

As has been the practice in the New Apostolic Church, a special bible passage was read from Luke 2:1-14.

Opening the service, Shepherd Eric Donkor thanked God for His protection over the course of the year. He entreated members to remain steadfast in the Lord and be prayerful. The Shepherd recounting the marvelous work of the Lord in our lives, mentioned among others, the grace, mercy and love the Lord bestowed on us in the year. These, he said, were experienced in the word and sacraments which provided enough strength to carry on in hard times.

“Today is a commemoration day of the birth of Jesus Christ; let us rejoice in it. Jesus Christ is the Son of God whose birth was prophesied. The fulfilment of this promise, has offered us the opportunity to become partakers of His work and glorious kingdom. This is worth celebrating!” stated Shepherd Eric Donkor. He further explained that the birth of Jesus Christ brought a light to the world and those that follow the light are expected to walk in the light. He advised members to align themselves with the gospel and by that bring many unto the light.

Concluding the service, the Shepherd admonished members to love one another and thereby be a light unto the world just as Christ did.

The service was supported by Community Evangelist Awuah, Priest Frank Ahenkorah and Priest Isaac Osarfo all of Nkawkaw.