19 March 2023

In 2004, a group of members from our congregation in Ashaiman, following life and its twists and turns, relocated further east of Accra and had settled with their families. The group, including a Deacon and his family realized their congregational life could be affected due to their travel times to Ashaiman as well as the cost involved. In every challenge, there is a blessing; out of this seeming adversity, the idea of a new congregation was born.

The relocation brought a need to establish a new congregation. Led by the then Rector of the Ashaiman congregation, Shepherd John Dumenu (of blessed memory), and ably supported by Deacon Prosper Appiah (now Priest), the group plunged into action. They testified the New Apostolic faith to persons in and around a suburb known as Golf City, leading to the establishment of a new congregation.

Golf City Congregation was officially adopted into the Accra East District, Accra Apostle Area on Sunday May 27, 2018, in a divine service by Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo (now Lead Apostle).  During this service, thirty (30) souls were sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Also, two (2) ministers were ordained as Priests and two (2) others as Deacons.

Our NAC reporter caught up with the present Rector of the congregation, Priest William Bone and his assistant, Priest Prosper Appiah.

NAC Reporter: Dear Rector, please tell me, how did Golf City Congregation come into being?

Rector: Armed with a sense of mission, we began to give testimony and as well search for a place of worship till some administrative brothers came to work here (the Sekeyere family residence). With conviction and passion for the Lord, the search idea was conveyed and well received by the Sekeyere family. Our early meeting places included the master bedroom, hall, porch and now, under a shelter on the compound. The Late Shepherd Johnny Dumenu was our first Rector, followed by Priest Anthony Afenyo. I was assigned on May 27, 2018.

NAC Reporter: What challenges confronted you in this adventure?

Rector: Erhmm…getting a place of worship was the major challenge. Eventually when got this place, we had to deal with floods whenever there was a heavy downpour. I remember in one instance, members had to climb to the rooftop for safety. Coupled with these, our Rector got sick and spent a long period in and out of the hospital. Unfortunately, he passed on. This devastated the congregation for a while. We were helped by other congregations with communion wafers, visitation of priestly ministers for a long time, and had to conduct Word Services.

NAC Reporter: What happened after the death of the Rector?

Rector: The congregation ceased to function temporarily. However, District Rector (Retired) Ebenezer Adjei did very well to revive the congregation and visited us very often. He began and saw the completion for adoption of this congregation into the Accra East District.

NAC Reporter: What do you consider as a pressing need for this congregation today?

Rector: Well, it is getting a land to construct a chapel for us. All efforts so far have been unsuccessful.

Reporter: Any expectations for the future?

Rector: Yes. One is to get a permanent place of worship and to see this congregation grow in attendance and in godly riches”.

Reporter: Any parting words?

Rector: I am grateful to my bearers of blessings, both past and present for all the support. And also specially, Sister Mercy Anyadi Sekeyere and her entire family. They deserve our immense appreciation for giving us their residence for church meetings for all these years now.

Reporter: I am very grateful for your time and insight into the history of the Golf City Congregation. May the Lord strengthen you and the entire congregation to continue your good works.

Rector: The pleasure is mine.