The Children’s choir in a group photograph with the Apostle and other ministers
20 April 2023

A season of Easter brings a reflection on the events of the Passiontide which includes the suffering and death of Jesus and, particularly, His resurrection – which gives us hope and the certainty that we share in His victory.

On Easter Sunday and Monday, 10th April 2023, Apostle Amos Osei-Duserved selected congregations within Kumasi Apostle area at the Kumasi Central Church for the special Easter and Children’s Services respectively. He was assisted by the District Rectors Nantwi Boadu and the Deputy District Rectors Kwaku Kankam and Kwasi Gyimah.

Easter Sunday Service: Jesus is alive and we live also
Based on a bible text from John14: 18-19, the Apostle expressed the joy and celebration of Christians for the ‘once brought eternally valid sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ’ for us. “We must celebrate and glorify His name. We were once orphans and people without hope but for His love and grace we now have a belonging. We have Jesus who died for us, and through His death we have been adopted by our Heavenly Father”. “As He lives, we live also and we are not orphans. His glory shines in the whole world on this resurrection day. Those who did not believe in His resurrection could not prevent His resurrection”.

“Let us accept His commissioning of the Apostles to teach us words of truth. In them, there is no deception. May His victory continue to bring us joy and hope”.

Those who believe in Jesus will see Him
The Apostle explained that the world will not see Him because they have rejected Him and His words. “We believe in Him so we shall see Him and live with Him. Let us hold fast to His words and may He strengthen our faith and grant us grace. Let walk in the spirit and hunger to always avail ourselves in the Lord’s house to listen to His words from His holy altar”.

Children’s Service: Jesus loves Children
At the Easter Monday Children’s service, the Apostle served the children with a passage from Matthew 19:13-15: The little children were brought to Him that He might put His hands on them and pray , but the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to Me, do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven’. And He laid His hands on them and departed from there.”

The Apostle appreciated the growth of the children in various areas in the congregations especially in the children’s choir and orchestra. “Things would have been very special if we had had the opportunities and the training you have now when we were children like you.” Children are loved by the Lord Jesus, and He always likened those who will inherit the kingdom to children. “Be obedient always to your parents and caregivers in the Lord. Walk in truth and speak the truth at all times. Jesus does not expect you to be children who tell lies. Do not steal, disobedient.”

Come to Jesus
The children were advised to always be present in church and attend Sunday School to learn and be blessed by the Lord Jesus. During Questions and Answers time the children responded to various questions from the ministers and their Sunday School teachers.

After the service, the children were served with meals, drinks and biscuits from the contributions of members.