Poster of the program
21 April 2023

As part of the Easter 2023 celebrations, the Accra Apostle Area Youth, under the leadership of Congregational Rector Bright Osei Boateng, hosted a flashback choral concert on the 8th April, 2023 at the Accra Central auditorium. The event consisted of choreography performances, a cultural dance, drama and choral performances.

This was an initiative by the youth to bring back the memories and excitement from the National Youth Convention 2022, and also to acknowledge and appreciate the sacrifices and dedication of some parents and guardians, who through their children, have played key roles in the development of the youth in the Accra Apostle area.

A group of youth, named “The Loyola Theater”, displayed their beautiful talent in a choreographic performance. The message of their display was to encourage all that: there is time for everything under this earth, so one must do their best with every opportunity.

Cultural Display
The culture of the Ga people, who are the indigenes of the capital city, Accra, was displayed in a cultural dance that depicted their historic and traditional occupation. This was artfully done with accompanying props and humorous gestures.

The CUE Drama group put up an excellent performance to the joy of their audience. The title of the play was “O’ Woman”. The play projected the emotional, psychological and physical abuse women have to contain in marriages, homes, workplaces and even in churches; some of which have resulted in the detriment of women’s mental health and physiological states.

In conclusion, the aim of the drama was a call on society’s responsibility to protect women. Women must also be given the opportunities to live fulfilled lives, take their own decisions and excel in all spheres of life.

Choral Performance
The Youth in the various congregational choirs as a group performed beautiful renditions to the joy of the audience. There was an honourary invitation and performance by retired District Elder Solomon Kyere, who was once the leader of the Accra Apostle Area choir.

Present at the occasion were District Rectors Eric Arhin and Emmanuel Mensah, Deputy District Rector John Hammond as well as Congregational Rectors and ministers of the Accra East and West districts. Also in attendance were Bishop Eric Ampadu (rtd.), District Elder Solomon Kyere (rtd.), Sisters Betty Ohene-Saffo (Wife of the Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo) and Adelaide Ampadu (wife of Bishop Ampadu).