6 May 2023

Sunday 23rd April, 2023, was a special day for members of Sokode Bagble, a congregation in the suburb of the city of Ho.  On this day Apostle Richard Senyo Osei conducted a festive divine service with the holy act of Confirmation Blessing where four young sisters were called to the alter to make an extraordinary vow in order to take upon themselves the obligations which their parents undertook on their behalf at their Holy Baptism and Holy Sealing.

The service brought together brothers and sisters from neighbouring congregations, families, friends and invited guests.
In nourishing the new confirmands and the congregation, the Apostle based his teachings on 2 Thessalonians 3:3, “But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one.”

“We are gathered here to strengthen the faith of our dearly beloved new confirmands and also to rejoice with them so that the significant of the day shall serve as memory to them throughout their life time. Today they will be confirmed into the New Apostolic faith by their vows, which means they have accepted what their parents have done for them on their behalf”, began the Apostle as he opened the special divine service.

Apostle Osei particularized his teachings in four main areas:

Christ, Our Strength
The Apostle assured the confirmands and the congregation that Jesus Christ is our strength and He will strengthen us in all our lives journey provided we are committed to His ways and teachings. He encouraged them not to fear, “for God is with us, He will strengthen us to be steadfast in the faith.”

Focused Goal
Urging the confirmands to focused on their goal of faith, he said: “Anyone who wants to be a victor must have a goal. And working earnestly towards it will enable you attain and achieve that goal. The purpose of our goal is to attain wholeness in other to become the bride of Christ when He returns”.

Trust and Forgiveness
Apostle Osei further inspired the congregation to always put their trust in God, most especially in their difficult moments, and forgive one another. Through the forgiveness of sins, we are drawn closer to God.

Finally, he encouraged the confirmands to continue to remain in the fellowship of the Church and the joy of the fellowship they shall receive as stated in the Acts of the Apostles. He urged them to dedicate themselves to service of the Lord and serve by joining the choir, teaching Sunday school, cleaning and preparing the chapel for service and many others in the Church.

Apostle Osei also took time to counsel and task parents of the confirmands, and the congregation, to “Continue to train, nature, lead, teach, and guard them until they are fully grown”. He cautioned them to be mindful of what they say to their children, for it may affect them positively or negatively in future.

The Apostle was assisted by District Evangelists Parku and Agbo.