15 May 2023

“With a humble heart, we can all thank Our Father in Heaven for the grace He has given us to meet before His throne. Today is a Divine Service, but with a special focus on our young brothers and sisters who have been duly prepared and are to be confirmed, albeit, the message is for all of us. The message on this special day is a question; first to the confirmands and also the congregation. As David asked, “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?” These were the opening remarks of Apostle Amos Osei-Du when he officiated a divine service with Confirmation on April 23, 2023 at the Kumasi Central Church. He was assisted by Shepherd Dennis Asibuo, the rector of the congregation.

The bible passage was taken from Psalm 116:12: “What shall I render to the Lord for all His benefits toward me?”

Remember the Lord’s Blessings!
David is fond of taking stock of his life. He recounts and ponders over all that he had benefited from the Lord; the blessings, strength, the wisdom of leadership and the deliverance from his enemies. David was full of praise to the Lord. In his desire to do more in appreciation, he posed the question to himself as recorded in our bible verse: “What shall I render to the Lord”.

Let us also ponder over the wonderful gifts the Lord blessed us with, both physical and spiritual. Our health, protection and general wellbeing. Then also our election through the sacraments. One relevant question we need to ask ourselves for all the Lord’s grace upon us, “What have we rendered to Him?”, stated the Apostle.

The Apostle further entreated the congregants to reciprocate the grace and love of God by putting at His disposal, all the benefits obtained. “Let us render something to the Lord in response for the manifold blessings we have enjoyed. Put your gifts to work; help the work of God with them. Help God’s creation!”, he stressed. He further urged members to emulate Apostle Peter, by rising from their weaknesses and lead the charge of spreading the gospel and rendering unto the Lord gratitude through our works.

You are not alone!
In his address to the confirmands, the Apostle reminded them of their responsibility for their actions henceforth. He however, assured them of the help of God in their new phase of spiritual journey. He further also promised them of the support of the ministers, the congregation and their parents towards upholding their confirmation vow. “Fear not, we are all here to support you to fulfill your vows, you are are not alone!” emphasized the Apostle. He also reminded them to take active roles in the church and thereby enjoy the full blessing of the Lord.

In all, 32 young brothers and sisters received the confirmation blessing.