20 May 2023

The New Apostolic Church will celebrate this year’s Pentecost with two live broadcasts. In addition to the central divine service, the Pentecost concert will also be aired live.

This year’s celebrations will be hosted by the Regional Church Southern Africa. It is the fourth event of this kind in the Regional Church: in 2002 the Pentecost celebrations had taken place in Johannesburg, and in 2006 and 2010 in Cape Town—as they will this year.

The International District Apostle Meeting will kick off the festivities at the end of May. The concert on Saturday, 27 May will be streamed live on the YouTube channel of the New Apostolic Church Southern Africa à  https://youtube.com/live/f4m6WGbXcIw and will begin at 3 pm (Ghana time).


Source: nac.today / Picture: nak.org - NAC South Africa