A group picture of the Apostles after the divine service
19 June 2023

Brothers and Sisters of the Konongo Apostle area experienced a festive divine service conducted by  District Apostle Michael Ehrich in the Asante Akim Agogo on Friday 16th June, 2023. He was accompanied by the two Lead Apostles and all Apostles in Ghana.

The bible text for the service was taken from John 14: 1,Let not your heart be troubled; you believed in God, you believe also in Me.

In his opening remarks, the District Apostle drew inspiration from the hymn sang by the choir, Safe in the arms of Jesus, to explain how the Lord comforts and assures us. “When we hug someone, we express love, a desire for closeness, and a signal of protection. The same concept applies in the divine service, where the Lord Jesus always aims to assure us of His love, regardless of the circumstances or our identity, as we are all children of God. The Lord Jesus desires to protect us from life's challenges and the surrounding evils, while remaining close to us.”.

Courage and comfort
Elaborating on the text word, the District Apostle mentioned it was an encouragement  Jesus gave His disciples as a farewell message prior to  His death. “He wanted to instill courage and strength in them for the future. Although the disciples were saddened by the news of Jesus' departure, He comforted them by assuring them that He would prepare a place for them and return to receive them.”

He continued: “He also promised to send another Helper, the Holy Spirit, to be with them forever. Through these words, Jesus provided both comfort and a new perspective for the disciples. Their confidence grew as they believed in God and trusted in Jesus. Believing in God and following Jesus is not just a matter of knowledge but also a call to action. It is essential for all who claim to believe in Jesus Christ and God to follow Him and His Apostles”.

Belief over doubt
The South Germany Church leader explained that belief is a matter of personal choice, and anyone can choose to believe if they truly desire to do so. “Belief in God is ultimately a matter of faith. Some individuals may reject the need for God, relying instead on their own intelligence, wealth, or relationships”. He added: “Instead of challenging God to prove Himself, we should approach Him with humility and open hearts, allowing ourselves to experience His presence in our lives”.

The Leader further explained that true belief in God extends beyond mere religious affiliation and encompasses a genuine faith in all circumstances. As believers, we are called to be blessings to others, just as our parents are blessings to us. When we believe in Jesus, our hearts become a source of living waters, symbolizing the spreading of the gospel and the sharing of our faith. While the Bible contains various scriptures from different times and intentions, the core and most significant aspect is the gospel—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—which tells us about the work of Jesus.

Believing in the gospel brings hope and the assurance that Jesus has prepared a place for us, and He will come again to receive us. This perspective empowers us to navigate through life's challenges and suffering, knowing that we are not alone, but accompanied by the presence of the Lord Jesus”.

Serve the Lord at all times
District Apostle Ehrich encouraged the congregation to demonstrate their unwavering faith despite the challenging times and set inspiring example for others. “Believing in God goes beyond mere proclamation; it has profound consequences in how we live our lives.

“As New Apostolics, our faith is not meant to be superficial or easy. It requires an active and transformative engagement with our beliefs”. He said, our faith may be tested at times and we may encounter situations that challenge our convictions but in such moments, we should seek guidance from Jesus and discern how He would respond. “By aligning our actions with His teachings, we can navigate these challenges with faith and integrity”.

In conclusion, the District Apostle admonished the congregation not to let their hearts be troubled but rather continue to believe in God, in Jesus Christ and have steadfast faith . “Let us follow Jesus Christ and keep His commandments. God will help all of us.

In attendance were 775 members from Konongo, Efiiduase,  Jachie, Ejura, Mampong and the host Agogo. There were also some retirements, appointments and assignments of some district leaders.