A welcome picture with the District Apostle
21 June 2023

After months of preparations in the Techiman Working Area, the much-anticipated special festive divine service with District Apostle Michael Ehrich took place at the Techiman Central Church on 17th June, 2023.

The South Germany District Church leader based his sermon on the bible text, John 7: 38 He that believed on me, as the scripture hath said out of His belly shall flow rivers of living waters.”

Welcoming all brethren to the service at Techiman, the District Apostle espoused the importance for Christians to attend divine services despite our busy lives. “We need Jesus Christ in everything we do. We may not see Him physically at divine services, but the minister standing behind the altar represents Him”, explained the Leader. “None of us (ministers), including myself, is perfect. However, we are all servants of God and we do not serve ourselves but rather serve you (the congregation). We preach the gospel and set examples for others to emulate.”

Continuing his sermon, the District Apostle explained that the Jews had a ritual where water drawn from the Lake Zion was brought to the altar as a request to God for rains. It was based on this historic background that Jesus contextualized the text word: “So Jesus Christ adopted the elements of this ritual, in which the living water represents the Holy Spirit. If we believe in Jesus Christ as the Scripture has said, the gift of the Holy Spirit in us will be a blessing to others and this represents the picture of the living waters”, he said.

He continued: “Jesus Christ laid the foundation very clearly; to believe in the Holy Scripture that He is the Son of God, He is the Messiah and the Savior of the universe. You may say you already know all these. However, to believe in Him also means to believe in His teachings, doctrines, sacrifice, resurrection and second coming.” However, a Christian must realise their sins, repent, and believe in the saving grace of our Lord, he added.

“To believe in Jesus Christ also means we all have duties to perform in His Kingdom of Peace and that is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through our character and actions”, he advised. “Although we do not know exactly how it will be in the new creation, we can believe because all these messages have been given to us by the Lord Jesus” concluded the District Apostle.

As part of this festive service, the District Apostle placed District Rectors Tonu, Amankwaa Appiah, Amponsah Aduo into retirement. Priests Abrefa Noah, Osei Acheampong and James Asamoah were appointed as new District Rectors.

Apostle Augustus Adika (Wiawso Working Area) assisted the service.