“Welcome our dear Lead Apostle to Dambai congregation’ says the children
18 August 2023

On Sunday August 6, 2023, the Lead Apostle conducted a divine service at our church in Dambai (Krachi Bimbilla District) on day two of his visit to the Volta North Apostle Area. He served over 490 members. 

The service was based on a bible word from Genesis 16:13 Then she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, You-Are-the-God-Who-Sees: for she said, “Have I also here seen Him who sees me?”

“Hagar fled from the house of Abram owing to constant harsh treatment of Sarai upon conceiving for Abram. In the wilderness, the angel of the Lord found her by a spring of water. In the ensuing conversation between Hagar and the angel, Hagar was instructed to return to the house of Abram and was promised a blessing for the child in her woman”, the Lead Apostle explained the context of the Bible word.

Recognition and obedience to God
“Hagar had never seen nor was spoken to directly by God prior to this encounter. Apparently, she must be aware of God’s exploits with her master, Abram. However, she heard, recognized and obeyed the voice of God through the angel. This means a lot to us!” stated the Lead Apostle. “We also”, he continued, “must perceive the Lord in His word and servants given unto us, and obey the instructions therefrom”.

God sees me
The Lead Apostle explained that, we also go through difficult situations of life like Hagar. We may at times feel we can longer endure the situation. What available do we consider? To escape. Hagar was admonished to return and face the problems in the house of Abram. This must be a difficult situation! However, Hagar obeyed with the conviction that God sees her, knows her predicament and can offer the necessary help. This the Lead Apostle stated that, “God sees and knows our challenges. He has a solution for us. Let us be a little patient with Him. Let us not run away from the challenges but strive to master them. Let us trust Him.”

God sees His Church
The eyes of God are upon His Church, to save her from the torments of the evil one, he said. Many in our time have the impression that things are really not moving forward. There is stagnation and their efforts seem unrewarded with progress. There are some who also would want to use the ‘escape route’; thus, to leave the church for one reason or the other. The Lead Apostle encouraged members to trust the Lord to complete His work as promised. “But the Lord sees everything happening here. He has set His sight on His work to complete it. Even if our distress seem insurmountable, God is always on our side and will help us. At His return we shall be with Him.”

Concluding the sermon, the Lead Apostle encouraged members to be patient with the Lord in times of difficulties, obey His word and accept His help. He further entreated members not to use the escape route but be assured that the Lord sees everything and He alone has the solutions. 

Apostles Richard Osei (Volta Central), Alexander Poku-Akubia and District Rector Eric Arhin (Accra West) supported the service.