Lead Apostle addressing the Madina Children’s choir
27 September 2023

On Sunday the 10th of September, 2023, Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo conducted a special united service at the premise of the Madina congregation, where members from the Legon, Adenta and Oyibi congregations joined the Madina congregation. The newly commissioned Lead Apostle for Ghana was accompanied by Apostle Charles Asare (Accra) and Apostle Yakomba Yavwa (Zambia) as well as District Rector Arhin and his deputy, John Hammond.

The Madina Children’s choir joyfully received the Lead Apostle with his team with some hymns. This was a precursor to the readiness of the congregation to receive the blessings of God in the special divine service.

The text word was based on Revelation 22:12, ‘’And behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be’’.

The Lead Apostle expressed his joy to be amid the congregants and was certain of the blessings of God for the divine service.

Beginning his sermon, the Lead Apostle rhetorically asked why some people worshipped angels, prophets and miracles but not the Lord God. Referring to Revelation 22:8-9, he advised all to only worship Lord God: “Only God must be worshiped as we wait upon the return of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

The Lead Apostle advised the congregants to make the conscious effort to love one another as Christ loved His church. He concluded by saying: “We can only attain salvation through the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and not our own works. Therefore, our reward shall be attained by our love for God and as we have loved our neighbour”.

He was supported by Apostles Charles Addo Asare (Accra) and Yakomba Yavwa (Zambia). The divine service recorded nearly 300 members in attendance.

The Madina Children’s Choir, main choir and a mini orchestra gave soothing musical performances after the divine service to the joy of many at the divine service. The Ghana leader also spent some time with the Confirmation class, as well as the new and continuing class.