Shepherd Kwapong and Priest Kofi Yeboah (translator
1 October 2023

“Sinners as we are, we have gathered here to worship our God. He did not destroy us because of our sins but showed us mercy as He did for even Adam and Eve. God loves us.”

This was the opening message of Shepherd Kwapong, the Rector, who served the Osu congregation on the 24th of September 2023.
Community Evangelists Boakye and Mingle were called to assist.

The text word was taken from Genesis 4:4, “Abel also brought of the firstborn of his flock and of their fat. And the Lord respected Abel and his offering”

Whilst preparing the minds of the members of the upcoming Thanksgiving Service the next Sunday, the Rector compared the offering of both Cain and Abel during their time. He said the land which they occupied yielded good and juicy food. Therefore, Cain's presentation was rather poorly executed.  Abel however, had a clean heart, was obedient and with humility he did present what was acceptable to God.

He admonished the members that one should not wait till the last minute before looking for something to be given to God. “Do not expect a gift from someone at the last minute and then realise you should give a portion to God. You have not worked for it”, he added.

The Rector referred to the fatty animals Saul brought home when he defeated the Amalikites. Samuel told him in the face that “To obey is better than sacrifice” therefore whoever brings sacrifices to God must come from a clean heart.

Another example given was David’s refusal of a gift of land (threshing floor) from the owner Arauna. He had to pay with his own money because he had promised God to build an altar there. The inference was that the gift was no part of the promise David gave to God initially. Therefore, one strives to fulfil the promise one gives to God.

Shepherd Kwapong advised the members that for an offering to be accepted one must

  • Eschew envy and pride
  • We should humble ourselves and acknowledge that we are sinners
  • We should therefore forgive our neighbours before presenting our offerings and the Lord will accept them and be gracious unto us.

He emphasised that “This coming Sunday will be our Thanksgiving day.”  God will put us to test and we should not disappoint Him.

Sister Vida Awuku Karikari, a chorister, together with her children, family members and loved ones were present at the Church to thank the Lord and also all church members who mourned with them during the demise of her husband, brother Emmanuel Karikari. Brother Karikari was also a member of Osu congregation.