Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo greeting the Sunday School after the divine service
9 October 2023

Lead Apostle Benjamin Ohene-Saffo served brothers and sisters of Kumasi area on Sunday 24th September 2023. He was assisted by Apostle Amos Osei-Du , District Rectors Nantwi Boadu (Kumasi) , and Ebo Arhin (Accra West) as well as Deputy District Rector Kankam.

The bible text for the service was based on Matthew 5:13 You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men”

Lead Apostle Ohene-Saffo began the sermon by explaining the ancient method of preservation when the meat of animals were brought to the altar for sacrifices. Such practices, according to Ghana leader, belong to the past and that we must accept the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus and follow only what he has taught us.

Preserve the Word
“On the Mount, Jesus taught His disciples on important matters and the need for them to preserve His words. Salts are vital ingredients in every home –it serves as a spice and also as a preservative. The gospel of Christ has to be preserved and must not be contaminated. We are all the salts of the earth elected to preach and preserve the word of Christ. We would be contaminating the word if we do not align our lives on the word.”

Speak the Truth
“As the salt of the earth, we must stand by and speak the truth of the word of God. The truth is Jesus Christ through whom all must pass to the Father in Heaven. The Lord has taught us to bless not to curse, not to pray like hypocrites but do so in secret so that the Lord can reward us openly. Let our speech be edifying for all to appreciate the gifts of grace we received from the Lord”.

Preach the unadulterated Word
“As Christ taught His disciples, let us be mindful not to add our own thoughts and feelings. Let us speak the truth of the word, not our own enticing words that the world would like to hear” Lead Apostle continued as he admonished the congregation to stick to what Jesus taught His disciples and what His Apostles today teach us. If we cannot carry the word into the world then we are losing our flavor.”

Before the commencement of the divine service, the Lead Apostle in the company of other ministers paid visit to the Confirmation Class and three Sunday School classes. He encouraged the children to be obedient and take their lessons seriously and also thanked and appreciated the contributions of their teachers.

In attendance were congregations within the Kumasi District.