The late Community Evangelist Paul
18 November 2023

On Saturday the 4th day of November, 2023, the congregation in Abease, Buipe and its neighbouring communities, family members and the entire Techiman Apostle Area bid the final farewell to Community Evangelist (C.E) Paul of Abease congregation who passed away after a short illness.

Apostle Paul Yaw Kyeremeh of Techiman Apostle Area conducted this funeral service, he was assisted by Bishop Asare (Kumasi).

The text word was taken from Hebrews 13:14 “For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.”

Beginning the sermon on a reflective note, the Apostle drew everyone’s mind to the certainty of death: “Anytime I visit any funeral grounds, I am humbled by the activities and the moment. I believe a similar occurrence might happen to me, a time when people will gather around me, just as we have done now around our brother and minister, Paul. A time will come when I will be taken away where I stay and be kept in a room I never built. Have we thought about such moments happening to us?”

He continued: “We must all come to eternal salvation. We must be humble before the altar of Grace, and seek the Kingdom of God.”

“We do not have an everlasting city on this earth”, he said. “We came with nothing, we would also leave this earth with nothing.” He further explained that in the Lord’s new creation, and His eternal kingdom, we can have an everlasting life. However, we can only be citizens of this everlasting city if we reform our ways, renew our minds and serve God by our actions outside the Church as well as our commitment to His commands.

“Let the word dwell in us. Lead a life worthy of the second coming of Christ” Apostle Kyeremeh encouraged as he ended the sermon.

Biography of Community Evangelist Paul
Community Evangelist Paul started his ministry as a Deacon in the year 1988. He was the pioneer of the New Apostolic Church in the Abease District. They first established the church at the then Abease Local Authority School in 1988 where he was ordained as a Deacon by Apostle J. B Kankam.

He became a Priest by the end of the year 1989 and was given a Yamaha motorcycle to aid in his work. He was later ordained a Community Evangelist. He helped in the establishment of most of the congregations in the Abease district including the Zabrama, Krobo, Komfourkrom, Cherembo, Kamanpa, Dumankwanta and Buipe.

He was married to Sister Ama Polona and had seven (7) children of which his eldest son, Kwadwo Asare is currently the youth leader of Techiman central church and a website reporter for the Techiman Apostle Area.

Community Evangelist Paul trained eight (8) young members as Deacons at the Abease and Buipe congregation where he was mentoring them until he gave up his last breadth on 3rd August, 2023. He was a royal of the Abease land who could have become the Chief of the community but he opted to serve the Lord by doing His work.