Priscilla, and husband, Kofi share their joy with the Church, family and friends
4 February 2024

Sister Priscilla and husband, Kofi, would have smiled with pride and self-fulfillment when the Chief Apostle announced the theme for this year, Prayer Works. They have been there; they know and feel what it means. This is their story; one of pain, patience, and perseverance. This is their song, a song of joy and praise after a dozen years’ journey of prayer.

Having had their marriage blessing on 15th September 2012 by Bishop Eric Yaw Ampadu, Sister Priscilla’s hopes for a natural birth soon after was not to be. Rather, it was the beginning of a journey of faith and trials. “In all things we believed in the omnipotence of God. My experiences through childhood have girded my belief that God is with me in every situation. This kept me going”, Priscilla responds when asked bout her persistent faith.

Speaking to our Chief Editor and Reporter, the same man who blessed her marriage, Bishop Eric Yaw Ampadu (rtd.); Sister Priscilla shared her experience: “We cannot deny it was an exceedingly difficult period. We prayed ceaselessly. At times we wanted to give up. But much as we wanted to, ‘something’ kept pushing us to keep on.” 

Priscilla continues: “We suffered many challenges; some I find difficult to express in words. The pressure from both families and friends advising my husband to have a child with another woman; and hopping from one hospital to the other drained us financially. I remember when I had my second miscarriage, the cost of the procedure was exactly my husband’s salary for the month. He asked me: ‘how will we survive for the month’, and I told him ‘God will do it’. And yes, we have survived till now. It was an emotionally sapping period, so much so that it was hard to socialize and be happy like everyone else”.

“Did you ever question God”, Bishop asked. “I did. I cried, and I asked ‘God, why me?’. I was at my lowest. I used to cry at the slightest opportunity in the latter stages of 2022, just before my miracle. I was anxious and worried about my advancing age. And there was no solution from the hospitals.”

“What about your husband, how did he take it?” Priscilla recounts the gift of a husband she has had by her side: “My husband has been God sent, a blessing in disguise. There was no hospital I visited without him by my side. He believes in God so much and has been my pillar of strength. He always told me that we would have children and even if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be the first. Nevertheless, he had a firm conviction we would have children; he just knew it. He wouldn’t give anyone the opportunity to look down on our marriage. He always makes me happy when I’m sad. I’ll choose him over again. I take this opportunity to say: ‘A big thank you, Kofi, my husband, for your patience and love throughout.”

Priscilla and Kofi hoped for a natural birth. When this was not happening, they considered medical intervention. “We tried 11 different fertility hospitals, as well as two In vitro fertilization (IVF) and one Intrauterine insemination (IUI) procedures. None of these were successful. Along the way, we had four miscarriages”, Priscilla recounts with deep reflection. “But you know, eventually we conceived naturally, and delivered our miracle baby, Anna Mawuwe Nanevi, by natural birth.”

Through this testing period, Priscilla’s faith has also strengthened. “I have learnt that through everything one must be patient, trust and hold onto God. The fact that you haven’t received what you have been praying for, doesn’t mean He ceases to be God. He does His will at His own and perfect time.”

For many, such matters are only spoken about privately. On the contrary, Priscilla and Kofi are inspired to share their faith testing journey. Their message is simple: “To let people know that God is capable of doing everything you are believing Him for, not only matters concerning childbirth, but every other thing in this life.” 

They also had a word to share with couples struggling with childbirth: “Come together as one, emotionally and spiritually, and pray. Also...patience, patience, patience!”

In Christian theology, the number 12 signifies governance, authority, and perfection. Baby Anna is the epitome of God’s authority and perfect plan in the matters of Priscilla and Kofi. The Lord had never forgotten about them; He heard their first true and honest prayer for a child through natural means. God had heard their cries. But the Lord was working His mysterious ways, and at His appointed time the Lord delivered an answer to their prayer request.

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